Judith Christine Riemer is an artist from the Hildesheim district who lives in Germany.


Her works have already been exhibited nationally, as well as in the United Arab Emirates, USA, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Belgium.


The artist, who was born in Braunschweig in 1975, successfully completed her degree in interior design at the HAWK Hildesheim in 2001, and after fifteen years as an interior designer, she decided to return to her creative roots and devote all of her attention to art.


Judith C. Riemer has been pursuing her artistic approach intensively since 2016:

To give visibility to the hidden that is hidden deep in the obvious. She combines the abstract with the representational and blends dreams with reality. Her distinctive compositions are created with acrylic or oil paints, as well as charcoal on canvas.


In addition to her exhibition activities and international collaboration with galleries and artist networks, the artist is also involved on a voluntary basis in her home town for art and culture.



She has been a member of GEDOK eV since 2018, and works by the artist are in a private collection.



Artist statement:


"Somewhere between dream and reality:


My creative work tells stories about these border areas, it merges the figurative with the abstract.


Layer by layer, my oil and acrylic paintings bring unexpected things to light.


I try to give the invisible a new visibility, because many interesting processes and structures are hidden deep in the obvious. "






published in the magazine

"The World of Interiors", London 06/20

published in the art book

"ARTedition 2020", Austria, Innsbruck, Isbn 978-3-903030-80-0


presented at art fairs worldwide,

e.g. in Zurich, Brussels, Dubai, Miami


represented online on:

Singulart , Artvergnuegen,

Albe Art Gallery (Abu Dhabi)