"They are the works of a sensitive and attentive observer of the invisible. They are an expression of that palpable but elusive feeling that has a decisive influence on our lives - often without our knowing it."

Excerpt from the laudation: Dietrun Otten MA, art historian (Celle), 2018


“My works radiate joie de vivre and appreciate nature.

With my art I would like to contribute something to making people happy and relaxed, just having a good mood. I think that's exactly what we need in order to feel like making the world a little better ourselves.

The unique in the everyday is what I find, collect and interpret. I see my mission in making the beauty and the extraordinary visible in seemingly familiar elements. "


Biography - intention

Judith Christine Riemer is an artist from the Hildesheim district who lives in Germany. Her works are represented at home and abroad, and since 2017 she has been presented internationally at exhibitions in galleries, art associations and art fairs.

Riemer, born in 1975, ended her professional career as an interior designer in 2016 to return to her creative roots and devote all of her attention to art.

Their multi-layered imagery always serves the purpose of getting the viewer to look more closely. Riemer merges fictional, abstract representations with elements from reality. She combines strong, clear lines with rounded shapes to create works that appear graphic and painterly at the same time. The drawing is often the origin of her painting and thus an important part of her visual language. Judith Riemer's compositions are created with acrylic and oil paints as well as charcoal, mostly on canvas.

Networking women is a particular concern of the artist. She is, among other things, an active member of GEDOK Hanover / Lower Saxony as well as the international association of artists involved in art, "The Art Gorgeous House". In addition to her networking and exhibition activities, Judith C. Riemer is also volunteering for art and culture in her home town of Nordstemmen, in the Kunsthaus Nordstemmen eV

In July 2021 Judith Riemer was nominated as a finalist for the “Emerging Scene Art Prize Dubai”. As a "shortlisted artist" their works were presented rotating on over 1000 screens of the Elevision Media Group in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Works by the artist are currently in private collections in Germany, Austria and Italy.




published in the magazine

"The World of Interiors", London 06/20

published in the art book

"ARTedition 2020", Austria, Innsbruck, Isbn 978-3-903030-80-0


presented at art fairs worldwide,

e.g. in Zurich, Brussels, Dubai, Miami


represented online on:

Singulart , Artvergnuegen,

Albe Art Gallery (Abu Dhabi)