My studio day:
Painting and drawing solo or in a small group

Dates as required - vouchers possible!

Learn or develop individual skills in dimensioning and drawing in private.

There are many reasons for a creative break!

Cost: € 20 / hour

if necessary material: 2.50 € / hour


In a duet - painting for two

Painting and drawing for two is fun!
It is familiar and cozy with a double appointment. What is desired is designed, a common theme is not necessary.

Cost: 15.00 € / person / hour

if necessary material: 2.50 € / hour

All for me - solo painting course

Trio or more: painting course in small groups

Work in small groups: get creative with friends, according to your wishes and to order!

It is allowed to draw and paint
be - book an unforgettable experience, maybe

also as a birthday surprise ?!

Cost: € 12.50 / person / hour

if necessary material: 2.50 € / hour

Creative workshop
from 3 people:
" Spontaneously printed with the Gelli-Plate"

With acrylic paints, a variety of patterns and structures can be created on a soft printing plate and printed on paper to create beautiful and surprising images over and over again.

The process is spontaneous and intuitive, we use various materials and, in some cases, self-made templates in a creative way.

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: € 60.00 / person

including base material

The character group:
Fixed drawing course on Thursday evening

Actually, I always wanted to ...

Without a fixed appointment, I just don't sit down ...

These excuses are now a thing of the past! Anyone who basically has a desire to draw has come to the right place - regardless of whether they are inexperienced or already advanced in drawing techniques.

We practice using pencil and paper and hand-eye coordination according to our individual level of development and with personal guidance.

In the closed group, other media such as charcoal, drawing ink or watercolor pencils can also be tried out. We are happy to respond to the wishes of the participants - the main thing is that the fun of drawing is not neglected!

Basic material included, please bring any drawing utensils with you.

Costs: € 105.00 / 8 appointments

Thursday, 7.00 p.m.-8.30 p.m.

October 29th,

05.12., 19., 26. Nov.,

03, 10, 17 Dec

Standort: Hauptstr. 127 (Atelierhaus im Hof)
31171 Nordstemmen