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Acrylic / oil on canvas series
from 2021
in progress

Abstract acrylic and oil paintings in warm colors:

"Heartglow" conveys warmth and is reminiscent of gently glowing fire.


Each work tells its own story of sensory impressions and memories.



Acrylic / charcoal on canvas

from 2020

in progress

Inspired by details from nature, the "found objects", these works offer the eye a lot of stimuli for the imagination!
All pictures have a certain puzzlingness in common: As in a fantastic universe, the viewer is confronted with organic elements and structures, the individual elements of which seem to be known from time to time (leaves, stones ...) and which are nonetheless no naturalistic depiction.
The high-contrast acrylic painting, combined with traces of charcoal, gives the works depth and their very own energy.