Somewhere between dream and reality:

My creative work tells stories about these border areas, it merges the figurative with the abstract.

Many interesting processes and structures are hidden deep in the obvious ...

"They are the works of a sensitive and attentive observer of the invisible. They are an expression of that palpable but elusive feeling that has a decisive influence on our lives - often without our knowing it."

Excerpt from the laudation: Dietrun Otten MA, art historian (Celle), 2018

Work of the month: "Iced Watermelon"

Rosemarie J.

"You have such a unique ability to capture touches in the picture in such a way that you can feel the security when looking at it. Thank you for the eye-catcher and also for being so close to your fellow human beings."


Andrea W.

"Your picture is so good for me!"

Isabelle B.

"Thank you very much for this wonderful work."

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